1 US EPA to Update its Asbestos Standard
2 Commercial Roofer Cited for Repeat Violations
3 Questions about Asbestos at Gallup Elementary School
4 New York State Policies on Vermiculite and Vermiculite Containing Materials
5 US Asbestos Epidemic
6 "Ban Asbestos in America Act" Finally Passed in the Senate
7 New Method of Tearing Down Asbestos Contaminated Home "Probably Safe"
8 Murray to Push for Nationwide Ban
9 EPA Fines 7 Tucson Charter School Operators $67, 240 for Asbestos Violations
10 Abuse of Epidemiology
11 New Mexico Asbestos Landfills
Indoor Air Quality
1 Congress Approves Chinese Drywall Bill
2 Legislation to Restrict Toxic Foreign Drywall in US
3 10 Ways to Prevent Your Building from Making People Sick
4 Dry Ice Blasting Removes Microbial Contaminants
5 Congress Enacts New Formaldehyde Standards
6 Change to ASHRAE Residential IAQ Standard Facilitates IAQ Improvements
7 Dehumidifier often not the only thing required for indoor air quality
8 Toxins May Form When Skin, Indoor Ozone Meet
9 First trial over FEMA trailer fumes opens
10 Chinese drywall litigation is on the fast track
11 Is Indoor Air Pollution a Real Problem
12 EPA Says Indoor Air Often More Contaminated Than Outside Air
13 Air Quality Issues for Building Owners
Lead Based Paint
1 NCHH Releases Blueprint for Action to Prevent Childhood Exposure to Lead
2 Hardware Stores and Painting Contractors Dismiss Asbestos Danger
3 Lowe's Pays $500,000 Federal Penalty
4 EPA Fines Omaha Firm for Lead Violations
5 EPA Seeks Input on Commercial Lead Paint Program
6 EPA Fines 16 Firms for Violations of Lead-Based RRP Rule
7 EPA Delays Lead Paint Rule for Commercial Buildings Until 2015
8 Even Low Blood Lead Levels Linked to Gout Risk
9 CDC Changes Level of Concern for Lead
10 EPA considering reforms in RRP rules
11 Holyoke, Mass. Landlords Face Fines for Failing to Notify Tenants about Lead Paint (MA)
12 HUD Offers Millions in Grants to Remove Lead-Based Paint in Lower-Income Homes
13 IAQA Comments to EPA on Proposed RRP Rules
14 St. Louis Landlord to Pay Penalty
15 EPA Kicks Off Campaign Encouraging Contractors to Get Certified for New Lead Paint Removal Regulations
16 Mattel Fined for Lead Based Paint Violation
17 100 Million for Lead Base Paint Removal
18 Tough Penalties for Breaking Rules on Lead Suggested
19 Obama Takes a Stand on Lead Paint Regulations
Fungus / Mold
1 Many Types of Fungi Can Cause Indoor Air Quality Problems
2 Pittsburg residents suing apartment owner over mold
3 Chinese Drywall Linked to Corrosion
4 Dehumidifiers not the only solution for mold problems
5 Former tenant sued for 'tweeting' about mold
6 Will Chinese Drywall make you Sick?
7 Chinese Drywall
8 Goddard High School has been Cleared
9 Fixing Water Damage
10 Jury Awards Plaintiff for Injuries Due to Mold
11 Toxigenic Molds Directly Linked to Adverse Health Effects
12 Mold Readings Spark Health Concerns in New Orleans
13 Unacceptable Mold Levels Found in New Orleans Air
14 Experts Sort Fact from Fiction on Health Effects of Mold
1 Radon Levels Linked to Lung Cancer Deaths
Environmental Site Assessments
1 A Transaction Screen May Be Preferable To A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
2 Superfund Sites
3 Amended All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Rule
4 ASTM E1527 Standard Steps Closer to Revised Version
5 ASTM E50 Committee Convenes on E1527 Revisions
6 Commercial Lenders Put More Emphasis on Environmental Due Diligence
7 Innocent Landowners Defense Under CERCLA Regulations
8 New Regulations for Commercial Property Owners
Methamphetamine Labs
1 EPA Issues Guidance for Methamphetamine Lab Cleanups
2 New Home Worry: was it once Used as a Methamphetamine Lab
3 NM Methamphetamine Inspection and Remediation Regulations Enacted
4 Methamphetamine Remediation Research Act of 2007
5 Rising Rate of Meth Labs in US
1 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning More Likely During Fall & Winter
Viruses & Bacteria
1 H1N1 Flu Virus Is a Huge Problem on College Campuses
2 MRSA Infection a Major Public Health Problem
Going Green
1 New High-Performance Building Standard
2 New Santa Fe Convention Center Being Built in Most Responsible Manner
3 New Eco-Friendly "Green" Paint
1 Fracking Boom Leaves Texans Under a Toxic Cloud
2 US Insurer Won't Cover Gas Drill Fracking Exposure
3 Fracking Industry Coming Up Short on Voluntary Disclosures

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