Dehumidifier Often Not the Only Thing Required for Indoor Air Quality

According to the federal government website, pollution particles often make their way indoors, where they can cause respiratory problems and other ailments. A recent announcement from the website cites EPA statistics showing that indoor pollution can occasionally be as much as five times higher than outdoor pollution.

The website goes on to offer consumers some tips on how to maintain healthy indoor air quality. For example, one way to avoid unwanted pollutants in the home is to take off one’s shoes at the door, since these can be tracked in. Homeowners can also remove any known allergens from around their property and are also advised to keep their vacuum bags fresh and to consider ones that contain a HEPA filter.

Keeping air vents sealed and pets groomed is another way to avoid unwanted allergens and other contaminants. Another way to avoid contaminants is to close gaps, such as those connecting exhaust fans, which can allow moisture and mold spores to get a foothold that will require additional steps, such as a dehumidifier.