Independent Tests Clear Makeup Sold at Claire’s Retail Stores of Asbestos Contamination

After initial reports of asbestos contamination in makeup product sold at Claire’s stores, the company moved quickly to have testing performed by independent laboratories. The resulting reports indicate no evidence of asbestos contamination in their products, allaying mesothelioma concerns for users of the makeup across the country.

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Johnson & Johnson Internal Documents Reveals Acceptable Baby Powder Asbestos Level

A Johnson & Johnson internal memo reveals that executives considered a 1% level of asbestos in their baby powder was acceptable because it was well below the level allowed for an asbestos miner at the time. This conflicts with their assertion that J&J baby powder never contained asbestos. The exposure of the memo has opened J&J up to a new round of law suits.

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Asbetos Disposal Landfills in New Mexico

  1. Lea Land Industrial Solid Waste, Shelly Petterman (575) 887-4048, located Hwy. 62/180 east, mile marker 64, Lea County.
  2. Clovis Regional Solid Waste Facility, Oscar Macias (575) 769-7852, located in Clovis, NM.
  3. Green Tree / Otero County Regional Landfill, Tim White (575) 439-4355, located 4258 Hwy 54 south 24 miles south of Alamogordo.
  4. NE New Mexico Regional Landfill, Inez May (575) 668-2000, located at 39346 Frontage Road, Wagon Mound, NM.
  5. Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority, Andy Miller (505) 384-4270, located Vaughn, NM.