IAFF Call on Congress to Ban Asbestos

International Association of Fire Fighters
National – A broad and determined coalition of fire fighters, public health, and safety officials are calling on the public’s support in their decades-long fight to convince the U.S. Congress to ban deadly asbestos, a carcinogen that continues to threaten the health of fire fighters and the public. Fire fighters risk their lives every day to protect citizens from life-threatening emergencies, including responding to fires where the presence of asbestos exposes fire fighters to this known carcinogen. Asbestos has long plagued the profession and contributes to increased occupational cancer rates among fire fighters. The Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act of 2023 is a crucial step in eradicating this toxic threat and safeguarding the well-being of fire fighters nationwide. For the full text and links to EIA’s and other letters of support, click here.