Three New Lawsuits Filed Against Mayor, City of Albuquerque for Asbestos at Gibson Health Hub

KRQE by Natalie Wadas

North Linn – Three lawsuits were filed this week against the City of Albuquerque and the mishandling of asbestos at the Gibson Health Hub, also known as the Gateway Center. Two of the lawsuits have nearly two dozen plaintiffs who say they were exposed to asbestos while working the building. The third is from three city workers who say they were retaliated against because they cooperated with investigations into the asbestos. The lawsuit states the city intentionally and negligently exposed people to asbestos. Cravens says the city didn’t test the area, ignored orders from state agencies to stop work until the area had been tested, made employees keep working in dangerous conditions without the right protective gear, and improperly disposed of the materials containing asbestos. For the full text, click here.